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Leaf Guards

Reduce fall clean up time by 99%

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In some ways, it’s a right of passage for new home owners. Depending on how old your home is and how meticulous the previous home owner was with maintenance, you’re probably going to have to clean out your gutters sometime. It’s a thankless job, and if you have a fear of heights, potentially a nerve-wracking one too! Besides paying the neighbor kid to do it, is there a better solution? We think so: you need professionally installed leaf guards for your home!

Why do I need Leaf guards?

The answer to this question is probably obvious: leaf guards help keep leaves and debris out of your gutters. Subsequently, rain run-off can flow off of your roof, through the gutter system, down a downspout, and away from your home more efficiently. This is really the “why” behind leaf guards.

Another question to consider is why does this matter? Is it really necessary to keep your gutters clean?

A little bit of leaf debris never hurt anyone, right?

Wrong. In fact, even a small bit of debris can lead to a big problem. For example, leaves decompose. If you have a small clump of leaves in a section of your gutters and these are allowed to decompose, you’ll end up with a nice little section of fertile soil. Add a few seeds from birds or wind, and suddenly you’ve got a plant growing in your gutters. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen!

Plus, if portions of your gutter setup get backed up, the weight can lead to sagging. This, in turn, can lead to long-term property damage as water can’t flow through the system properly, leading to leakage and even spillage. This is especially true if you use older style gutters that use metal brackets. One of the worse things that can happen is a blockage at this joint as it can rust and start leaking pretty quickly!

Why do you need leaf guards? It’s easy: to protect your property!

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What kind of leaf guards work best?

Our leaf guard is made tough.  KWIK cover is made up of 0.24 Gauge Aluminum full of 1/8th inch circles and 3/16th inch diamond shaped holes. This provides a tight enough space to not allow leaves and other debris into the gutter, yet large enough to allow adequate flow of water to ensure proper function of your gutter system. Much like our gutters KWIK Cover is also made of aluminum so rust and weathering won’t become an issue.

The days of damaged shingles are over, as this product runs along the roof line and not underneath the shingle. This is most ideal because when KWIK cover is installed by our professionals it cannot be seen at all from the ground. This is great because not only does your home get that aesthetic that you always wanted; your gutter system will also flow freely

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Since 2015, Ackerman Gutters LLC has been serving the Macomb and Oakland County areas with quality, professionally installed seamless gutter systems. In addition, we recommend all of our clients consider adding leaf guards to their setup to keep maintenance at a minimum while maximizing efficiency.

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