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Gutter Repair

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Throughout the course of owning your home or business, you’re going to notice occasional oddities with your gutter system. Perhaps the water flows, but you hear a persistent drip by one of your windows. Or in other cases, you may start to notice some sagging but can’t figure out why. Just because you notice a problem with your existing setup doesn’t mean you need to install all new gutters. Instead, you may be a perfect candidate for gutter repair.

When to repair vs replace

The most obvious consideration is cost: is it within your budget to replace your existing setup with a seamless gutter solution? If the answer is no, then gutter repair is your best option. However, even if the answer is yes, you may still want to hold off on that replacement. Here are a couple of reasons why you’d want to repair vs replace.

Your current gutters are relatively new

If you just installed new gutters within the past couple of years, it’s too soon to replace them. On average, traditional aluminum gutters should last a good 20 years. If you replaced them even as recently as 5 to 10 years ago, and they were installed correctly, you’re probably leaning towards a repair instead of a replacement.

There is physical damage to just one section of your gutters

Tree branches fall; hail can be damaging; fasteners break. Regardless of the situation, you may only need to replace one section of your gutters instead of the entire system.

They’re not draining properly

Sometimes, there is no visible damage but the rain run off is still not flowing as it should. In this case, there may be a barely noticeable sag in one section or you may have an issue with your downspouts instead of your gutters. Both situations are more likely to involve a simple repair instead of a full replacement.

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What can be repaired

Generally speaking, almost any part of your gutter installation can be repaired. We’ve already mentioned a few of these including the fasteners that hold two sections of gutters together to your downspouts and more. Sometimes, sagging is caused by broken rivets or ones that have came loose.

Other issues that can affect gutter performance include rust or holes that can form from natural wear and tear. And of course, gutter guards can help mitigate some of these issues so be sure to ask your contractor about them while they’re reviewing your situation.

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Among our other services, Ackerman Gutters specializes in gutter repair in Macomb County. We also provide gutter repair in Oakland County. If you notice any of the warning symptoms we’ve described, don’t hesitate to reach out! It’s easy to get in touch with a member of our team for a free quote. Just send us an EMAIL, fill out our CONTACT form, or give us a call: 586-802-8200